Grizzly Valley
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The game takes place in Western Canada. Our protagonist got a call from his sister, asking him to visit her as soon as possible.


The gameplay is divided into two parts:

- The first part consists of exploration of protagonist's house in search of supplies that might come useful in your journey and packing up for the trip. You must choose the items wisely because they will be vital for your survival.
- The second and the main part of the game puts you alone in the wilderness. You must utilize all the items you've packed up for the trip in order to survive, gather additional supplies and vehicle parts to repair your car, while trying your best not to get caught by a roaming grizzly bear.

The game offers you a variety of tactics, based on a set of items you've got in the beginning.

Success depends on the set of items the player picked in the first part of the game, as well as on his/her actions in the second one.

The game has a really realistic approach to the survival mechanics. There is no mysticism or cliched horror movie creatures here. The player experiences the situations which are likely to occur in real life.


  • Windows
  • 操作系统: Windows XP\Vista\7\8
  • 处理器: Athlon 2 X3 450
  • 内存: 1 GB RAM
  • 图形: GeForce GTS 450
  • 存储空间: 需要 1 GB 可用空间
  • 推荐配置
  • 操作系统: Windows XP\Vista\7\8
  • 处理器: AMD fx6300
  • 内存: 2 GB RAM
  • 图形: GeForce GTX 750ti
  • 存储空间: 需要 1 GB 可用空间
Grizzly Valley

The Grizzly bear is one of the greatest wild animals in North America. The number of fatal human attacks is actually low. They do not naturally hunt people to eat. However...

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  • 动作
  • 独立
  • 恐怖
  • 潜行
  • 射击
  • 生存
  • 多人

名称:Grizzly Valley

类型: 动作

开发商: The_Kiddy

发行商: The_Kiddy

发行日期: 2016-04-23 00:00:00

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